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SEO site audit without Paid tools

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Perform SEO site audit without Paid tool for Any Website

There are many things affecting your website which you can look into from your own and determine where you stand, there are few things you need to know to bring your website in top and error free website, improving its performance. You don’t even need any Digital marketing Agency/Company help for this basic things on your website.

Know and ask a few basic things for your website:

You website Page Titles, Descriptions, and URLs

This is basic for your Pages are its Title, Description, Tags, and URL’s as it shows whats in the Page and Also provides the content information of the Page to the Google.

The Title, Description, and URL are the things which appear in the Google Search Engine Results and helps in Ranking also.

Use the Yoast Plugin for WordPress website to Update these components in all the pages.

SEO site audit without Paid tool


Your Page Is should be between 40 to 70 characters.

Is should be catchy with the Seed Keyword as per your business.

Title of the page should match the Page content.


Your website pages description should be between 120–155 characters.

The Description should have all the Short and Long tail keywords relevant to your Page content and should briefly describe your age content.


There Should be Keyword present in your URL’s.

Check if you are Using the Http or Https, Https is preferred as it helps in Website ranking and Security.

All the characters in lowercase.

Check if you are using hyphens instead of underscores? Hyphens are preferable.

Content Quality

Keywords research is Initial stage for any website but But there’s more required when you need to produce the quality SEO content with the right keywords.

Relevancy, consistency, and value to the reader are all critical elements of good SEO content as well.

When auditing your content, look for the following quality factors:

  1. Is there a regular use of keywords across your website and in tags?
  2. Is there a decent keyword density?
  3. Is there both dynamic and static content?
  4. is that the content relevant to the industry/product/service?
  5. Is your website content share-worthy?
  6. will the content drive any value to the reader?
  7. are you targeting a pick range of keywords vs. keyword stuffing?
  8. Content amount & Diversity

SEO tools for better Ranking

The amount of distinctive content on your website is additionally an element:

  1. Is there a decent quantity of text on every page?
  2. Is there a decent text to code ratio?
  3. Is there a diversity within which content is shown?
  4. are you capitalizing on text, PDF, video, images, slides, etc?
  5. web site Structure and Index-ability

We’re going in the additional technical territory, however, everything here is fairly straightforward to seem into with none fancy tools.

  1. Are the pages, posts, and properties mapped properly?
  2. Is there a clean and up-to-date sitemap?
  3. It there a correct interlacing approach enforced on site? (i.e. linking to different pages and posts at intervals your web site.)
  4. ar you mistreatment your robots.txt file properly? the most effective thanks to checking is to kind computer network.yourdomain.com/robots.txt into your address bar. This file can show you if you’re accidentally de-indexing your web site.
  5. is that the website freed from broken links? Broken links ar a symptom that your site may have technical improvement.

Page Speed and practicality

Last, however not least, guarantee your website is straightforward to use.

  1. is that the website straightforward to navigate?
  2. Is there correct internal linking?
  3. Is there a decision to act and/or a transparent message on the site?
  4. will guests simply and quickly perceive what your business is about?
  5. does one have the foremost vital parts on your website on top of the fold?
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